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BDSM Master Khem - Male Dominatrix - Spanking Slaves

Any rules below may depends upon agreement and scenarios between Master & Novice
Not everything is fixed, is up to each side to decide how far it can go ;)

You will wear no clothes in the house, unless i allow you
The correct response to most things is "Yes, Sir/Master Khem."
When spanked for being naughty, count
Don't be ashamed if getting wet
Always say please Sir/Master and thank you Sir/Master
The proper position is a submissive one
Ask for permission before you cum
Remember who you belong to
Swallow every single drop
Do your role play with pride
Worship me
Beg for it
Earn your reward
Do as master says
Your body is mine
Make master proud
Collar at all times
Bare your soul to me to release yourself
Never stifle your moans, don't be bound to the matrix
Eyes down, chin up so pride at all time i ask for it
Master is always right
It won't stop until i say so
You will be patient
Be pleasing. allways
Make master proud
Talk dirty to me = russian roulette, (reward or punishment)
Be a good slave and earn reward
Be a bad slave and get punished
Be playful, respectful & grateful
Be good to yourself
Be fearless


I am your slave
Own me
My ass is yours
Abuse my mouth
I am so hungry
Mark me
It Hurts!
Oh fuck!
Do it on my face
Spank me
Please feed me Sir/Master
I'll do anything for you master
I love when you do that
Right there, may i have another?
More daddy more!
Cum in my mouth
Thank you daddy
Hurt me
Fuck my ass
Thank you SIR
Oh god
Don't stop
I am yours
Choke me with your cock
I am a wanton little whore
May i cum?
It's dripping down my legs
I am so wet
Use me
Give it to me

And so on...



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Master Khem open class (23 May 2013)
  Master is seeking novices & slaves for initiating and training into
BDSM lifestyle. accepting both male and females but as well couples

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